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Ben N Yan's

Ben N Yan’s originated in the Philippines in 1995 in Pampanga, San Fernando.  Belinita and Salvador Espino, along with their two sons, Neil Benson and Bryan, brought the "Taste of Filipino Food" to Guam in 2002.

The Espino's were able to bring in a head cook, Randy Namuco, from Cavite. His 30-plus years of cooking experience at the Island Cove Resort brought stability to the menu. The H-2 and local workforce has also offered the greatest customer service and family oriented dining experience.

Our Banquet Room

Our Banquet Room can accommodate your most memorable milestone celebrations. 

Maximum occupancy 100 people.

We also provide catering services for all events.

Our Banquet Room can accommodate your greatest milestone events. Maximum occupancy 100 people.

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2019 Pika's Best Filipino Food: Ben N’ Yan’s

Catered to Guam’s large thriving Filipino community, Ben N’ Yan’s has become a local favorite. For several years in a row, the eatery has earned its spot as Pika Best Filipino Food.

Ben N’ Yan’s serves classic Filipino dishes from different regions, including pinakbet (vegetable dish with eggplant, bittermelon, pork bits, okra and shrimp paste) and kare-kare oxtail (peanut butter stew with tender oxtail). For the daring at heart, try their sisig (minced pork face), served on a sizzling platter. You can’t go wrong with their BBQ chicken skewers — dipped in vinegar sauce for that authentic Filipino flavor. Top it off with their popular halo halo: dessert served with ube ice cream, leche flan, and leche flan topping.